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Things to see and do around us

Discover all things to do in Ruapehu New Zealand. Whether it’s adrenaline you’re after or relaxing with a good coffee while enjoying the stunning scenery. There is plenty of things to do in Ruapehu that are easily accessible, action filled or family friendly. Activities to suit all palates all year round.


Ski Ruapehu

Ohakune is the ski base town of North Island, situated at the foot of the mystical giant MOUNT RUAPEHU


Summer Venture

There are a huge number of activities that you can do within Ohakune and the area around Mt Ruapehu. These are a must see if you love getting outdoors!



National Park​

Tongariro National Park  is the hub of the Ruapehu District and is not only a unique Park for the people of New Zealand, it is also a special treasure for the world.


Ohakune Walks & Cycle Trails

If you’re a keen mountain biker, you’ll be pleased to know that Ohakune and Tongariro National Park includes some of the country’s best riding tracks as well as a heap of amazing walking trails.

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Whanganui River

The Whanganui River is the longest navigable waterway in New Zealand and the second longest river in the North Island and is rich in tradition, legend and mystery.

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Trout Fishing

The Tongariro River is regarded by many as the best trout-fishing river in the world. Off the beaten track around Ohakune there are many secret and challenging spots to discover and some mighty big fish to be caught.

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